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We are passionate about delivering exceptional services and solutions for property and construction. To improve our client focused culture at Ridge, we undertook a 360 degree review with all of our stakeholders including clients, staff, contractors and supply chain.
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This process identified 9 key attributes that we aspire to. We have described these attributes below. Each one explains a single facet of Ridge however, together they combine to create the whole picture, giving Ridge its definition and character that form the foundations of our culture.

Purpose – Realising Property Visions
From minor repairs to wholesale regeneration; from traditional to cutting edge; from maintenance and refurbishment to new-build; from social housing to Formula One; in all sectors whatever your property challenges, we’ll help you identify the right solutions.

Identity – Commercial Machine
We’ve been in business since 1946 providing exceptional service to our clients. The majority of our work comes from repeat instructions, including a significant number of customers who have been with us for many years. They stay with Ridge because we always deliver.

Energy– Entrepreneurial Spirit
Ridge is financially strong and reliable, it has been said that ‘you can depend on Ridge’. We have an entrepreneurial spirit that comes from being an independent partnership in control of our own destiny. We know that we’re only as good as our last solution which maintains our momentum.

Motion – Agile Thinking
We live in a world that demands speed and agility. We work hard to stay nimble and have structured our services into a matrix of disciplines through interconnected offices to keep fleet of foot. We’re always hungry for new challenges that stretch and tone our capabilities.

Passion – Take Pride ‘Be The Best’
The best teams have a competitive spirit running through their veins. We encourage a sense of competitiveness that drives us to continuously improve what we do. Our customers will see this spirit come alive through our ardent emphasis on client service and our desire to keep raising the bar. 

Creativity – All Angles
We aim to do more for our clients than simply dot the ‘I’s and cross the ‘T’s. We want to provide ideas and property solutions that enhance their business. Every instruction that we receive is looked at from all angles to ask, ‘what innovation and added value could Ridge offer on this brief?’

Balance – All For One, One For All
We understand the need to oil the cogs for seamless teamwork and collaboration with all stakeholders. People stay with Ridge for a long time – many of our team started their careers with us. This enables us to offer continuity to our clients and provides solid foundations for our team-based approach.

Openness – No Barriers
Our open-plan offices are all designed to encourage free and fluid communication. This creates the kind of informal cross-discipline interaction that leads to more creative solutions. We are committed to openness and transparency for complete understanding between ourselves, our clients and suppliers. Our team ethic is founded on honest communication and a tendency to say ‘why not?’ or ‘go and see.’

Closeness – In It Together
Our extensive portfolio in Formula One enables us to really appreciate the power of the team. We see the importance of teamwork with all our clients. It comes from understanding, commitment and trust to keep in step with each other. This is what we strive for with every client relationship.

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